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Hi – I would like to introduce myself, and therefore, BodyFlexion Personal Training to you. My name is Jo, I worked in the Corporate world for 25 years before leaving to become a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, and have been working as a trainer now for eight years.   I know very well the importance of a work/life balance, and am also more than aware how important it is to not only think healthy, but to be healthy and fit.

I enjoy my own exercise – it gives me confidence and energy. It keeps me feeling strong (mentally and physically) and during stressful and busy times, gives me balance and focus in my life.

I started BodyFlexion Personal Training because I wanted others to feel that confidence and energy and stress release that comes from physical exercise and having a strong core. I was, and still am, highly motivated to work with anyone who is ready to make positive changes to their physical and therefore mental health, for example, how they move/lift/push/pull, posture, nutrition and reducing joint pain. I train people who are well, I train people who are injured and no longer want to accept that their injury defines them and limits them to sitting in a chair, I train people who have stable chronic conditions, I train people who have never exercised before, I train people who experience joint pain and I train people who currently train but are looking for guidance on correct technique.

I started off with poor technique with weights and swimming and ended up with a chronic shoulder injury, sitting in a chair at a desk for 25 years caused pain in my lower back and hips, so I am more than aware of the rehab process, not just because I have studied it, but because I have been through it.

About Jo (BodyFlexion Personal Training)

In my early teens I found out I had soft cartilages in my knees, I was advised that this would limit what I was able to do – for many years I believed I couldn’t do any activities that involved my legs, and lived my life according to that belief.

Many many many years later, I sought out and found an amazing personal trainer. Through his training, I realized that I had taken the easy way out, instead of finding exercises that I could actually do, instead of seeking out and learning correct technique, I had decided to sit in my chair and watch telly – much easier! Exercising is hard work, it requires persistencepractice and patience. And yet exercising is rewarding in so many ways.

People ask me – what makes you different from other personal trainers?


  • listen to you. I listen and hear what your goals are. I train you according to your goals, not according to my goals.
  • I do not work out with you. My focus is on you. My attention is on your technique, on your form.
  • I work out myself, I lift weights, I go to pilates, I bushwalk. I eat healthy. I walk and live the talk.

I train both males and females, from a 16 year old student, to a male who has a disc bulge, to a corporate female who has lost 15kg’s and gained in strength and confidence, to a male in his 20’s who can now lift stronger due to corrections to his technique, to a female in a wheelchair who can now walk with the aid of a frame, to a stay at home Mum, to a 73 year old gentleman who can now sit and stand without any assistance and a number of people who work on computers and end up with tight necks, shoulders and backs.

When I left my corporate job, I felt like I had walked (very tentatively) to the edge of a cliff and jumped off.   Yes, it was scary, deciding to leave the safety net was scary, deciding to make the change was even scarier, the actual ‘doing’ of the change was scarier still. Yet it worked. It took a lot of effort (and still does) but I succeeded in making the change. I have found an area that I love doing – working with clients whose goal is to improve their quality of life, working with clients who want to succeed in making positive changes to their life.


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes’.

William James


Cert III & IV in Personal Training Training for People with Stable Chronic Conditions
Level 2 Pilates Instructor Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises
Rehabilitation Trainer Gymstick
OH&S First Aid/CPR
Working With Children Check Kinetic Link Training
Corrective Exercise Specialist, The Biomechanics Method  MSwing

Looking forward to hearing from you


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