Personal Training

Convenient & Relevant Training:

  • Affordable sessions, either half hour, 45 minutes or one hour, held in the McKinnon Road PT Studio or in your own home.
  • All training is designed to meet your specific goals.
  • The focus is on you!  I do not train with you, I ensure all exercises are done safely and correctly.
  • Improve your overall strength and fitness
  • Improve cardio capacity
  • Improve flexibility, balance and mobility with stability
  • Improve posture
  • Learn stronger and safer movement.
  • Relieve stress
  • Provide balance to your busy lifestyle.

If you are looking to feel stronger and fitter, then phone or email Jo now for further information.

Testimonial – Denise

I contacted Jo 6 months after the birth of my second child – a difficult pregnancy that involved being on full bed rest for 8weeks. Although I certainly was not fit beforehand, the bed rest left me with reduced strengthpositively weak! This gave me the kick I needed to finally call Jo and do something about my body. I had never truly exercised before but Jo gave the information I needed to know what I was doing, and why. I felt improvement after 3months and now after 9months I am stronger and fitter than I have been for most of my adult life. I credit Jo in getting me to this point, and am extremely grateful for her attentive and understanding training, and for somehow making me laugh at the same time! I have no hesitation in recommending Jo as a Personal Trainer – EXCELLENT!

Strength Training:

  • Would you like to lift, pull, push, rotate and move with strength and stability?
  • Having the correct technique  and movement, good posture, increased flexibility and mobility means you will ultimately lift and move better and have a stronger body.
  • Through correct technique,
  • Through knowing what muscles you are working and where these muscles are
  • Through learning correct movement patterns and good posture
  • Through understanding why it is important to use your muscle strength and not momentum or gravity to assist you with an exercise
  • Through increasing your core strength
  • Will result in you becoming stronger whilst reducing your chance of becoming injured.

If you are looking to feel and be stronger, have awesome technique and end up with a better body, then call or email Jo now.

Testimonial - Steve

“As a man who thought he knew everything about weight training, I was surprised when I went to get some more training tips from Jo. Her professionalism and enthusiasm are two of her greatest attributes, as was her teaching ability to help me achieve my goals. Jo Has helped me achieve a stronger back, core and overall fitness and recommend her for helping with whatever goals you may have”.

Small Group Training:

  • Small Group Training – organise a group of friends and give me a call!
  • A varied, functional & enjoyable workout

Personal Training is available in East Bentleigh and surrounding suburbs including Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield, Carnegie, Gardenvale, GlenHuntly, McKinnon, Murrumbeena, Oakleigh and Ormond