Maximise Your Potential

Achieve and maximise your potential and therefore maximize and improve your quality of life and independence.   Improve your strength, mobility, balance, coordination and any musculoskeletal imbalances through carefully selected self massage techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises.    Find out what you are capable of achieving, place yourself in the best position to see what is possible.

I am a Personal Trainer and Clinical Pilates Instructor and have gained further qualifications and skills in rehabilitation for people with past and current injuries, in stable chronic conditions (eg MS, arthritis etc) and in corrective exercise specialising in assessing for and resolving musculoskeletal imbalances – these imbalances can lead to decreased function and muscle and joint pain. I take your injury or illness into account and take you through a series of appropriate and safe exercises.

Where required, I work with your treating Doctor/Specialist or Allied Health Professional (physio, chiro, osteo etc). Please note it is important you receive medical clearance from your treating practitioner prior to commencing any exercise program.

I have experience in training people with back injuries (eg lower disc bulge), neck pain, neurological conditions (eg Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and MS), acquired brain injuries, shoulder/knee rehabilitation (eg frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff muscles), people with muscle and joint pain, and with people looking to improve their balance, coordination and flexibility.

Testimonial - Naomi
  • “Jo has been amazing. A serious illness left me bedridden but with Jo’s help and encouragement on both a physical and emotional level I have gained the strength to reclaim my life”

To find out how to achieve your potential, contact Jo now.

Lissy: had been in a wheelchair for the majority of her life.  She used to walk with the aid of a frame, however had ceased physical therapy and had been reliant on her wheelchair for two years. After 9 weeks of training, Lissy took her first steps and after 14 months of training now walks solely with her frame.

John: a client in his 70’s, – was living in a low level aged care facility and had been inactive.  John had been advised that a higher level of care was required.  To prevent this from occurring, he started training twice a week and as a result could stand up and sit down from a chair and go up and down stairs without any assistance.

George: has a neurological wasting condition.  Since commencing training three times a week, he has experienced a 10% increase in his neurological responses, is stronger and has higher endurance in his muscles.

Testimonial – Mark
  • Due to on-going back problems over the past four to five years I have been unable to do any form of exercise. I decided to seek out a professional and that’s when I called Jo. Jo is not just a personal trainer but a fitness professional with knowledge in all areas of rehabilitation. We started my program slowly, focusing on my back issues and how we could overcome these concerns. Jo worked alongside my physiotherapist to ensure all precautionary measures were taken not to accelerate my back problems.

Rehabilitation training is available in East Bentleigh and surrounding suburbs including Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield, Carnegie, Gardenvale, GlenHuntly, McKinnon, Murrumbeena, Oakleigh and Ormond