BodyFlexion PT - Anne

BodyFlexion PT – Anne

Jo and I have been meeting weekly for over seven years, and I rarely miss a session, driving up from Geelong, because each new week starts for me on a positive note, with Jo on Tuesday mornings. I become thoroughly energised by the personalised challenges that are given me, and the great enjoyment I receive from Jo’s excellent supervision of my physical (and sometimes mental ) wellbeing. My goals are straightforward and I believe I am achieving them. I simply wish to be as healthy and strong as I can, to live my life to its fullest. To this end, at the age of 64, I continue to work full time, cycle to work several times a week, dance social ballroom twice a week and focus with Jo on maintaining my core strength, balance, upper body strength and anything else that becomes relevant. Jo inspires me to be my best and I have been told that I am also inspiring many younger women colleagues to do the same.

When I first started receiving personal training, I thought I should change trainers each 12 months to maintain my interest, but after meeting Jo that has become the last thing on my mind. Every session is an adventure, planned by the most skilled, attentive, intelligent, caring and professional woman I have met. Jo truly appreciates my abilities, goals and needs. Thanks Jo.


Well like many of you, you’ve read various web pages information and what not about who you should or shouldn’t see to help you with your goals. For me to be honest, I read a few and thought yeah yeah whatever blah blah blah, even in some cases “what did they write these things themselves or get their mates to do it?”. In the end I randomly picked Jo because I was so overwhelmed and frustrated with the choices and just thought screw it I’ll call see how the first sessions go. If I don’t like her or what she does I’ll find someone else. Well it’s been 6 months and Jo visits me every week. She is meeting all my targets that I require that I set out with her. She also understands there are certain things in life I’m not willing to give up. She treats me with respect, encourages me, and when required – which for me is often – laughs at me, errrr, I mean with me, yeah yeah with me. She pushes me and is making me stronger – I’ve gone from being a girl who thought a push up was a bra to actually doing a push up and MORE than one! It’s been slow progress but its progress and its good progress.

If you’re looking for someone who will work with you in your goals and not judge you, but encourage you when you feel like you’re failing, Jo is the Trainer for you. Jo doesn’t do the work with you, she watches you and your body to make sure you are working out your body correctly which is fantastic and the way it should be. The session is for you after all not her.

So would I recommend her, – yeah totally 100% – she cares and is helpful, respectful and makes your session about the most important person in the world. So if you’re unsure but you just need to give it a go, – call Jo, talk to her about what you really want from your sessions.


I’ve been training with Jo for over 5 years now. I started when I was 45, very obese with no clear understanding of what I was trying to achieve apart from some vague notion that I wanted to get fit.

Jo gently challenged me along the way, not only did she make sure that my training always required just the right amount of effort but she also talked to me about what I was eating and what I was doing. Egging me on in every aspect of my life.

My goal took awhile to manifest itself, primarily it was to lose weight and get fit. I admit it was hard work and took a lot of determination to go from 120kg to just 75kg. Jo understood that it was not just exercise that I needed but a whole of body approach.

Her method of training was perfectly tailored to my needs to make sure I was re-gaining my fitness within my limits, even though those self-imposed limits were being challenged. Her gentle caring nature and her willingness to share and exchange experiences helps to develop a trust between trainer and trainee enabling her to get the most out of a regular fitness regime.

While at times it’s just bloody hard work I can say without hesitation that it’s been worthwhile and a combined effort with a dedicated trainer who knows how to get the most out of you!.

Before and After

I have been very happy working with Jo Bransby. Thanks to Jo, I am stronger, more flexible, I am eating healthier and most importantly for me, working out has become fun. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, ability to challenge and encourage me has played an integral part in helping me achieve my fitness goals. I recommend her without reservation.
I came to see Jo after a long period off from exercise. I had had gym memberships in the past and wanted to get back into things but was concerned about my neck and shoulders which I had been having trouble with for a while. Jo made sure every exercise we did was suitable for me and helped me get my posture back on track. In only a few months, one night a week, I noticed a big difference! Also being extremely unfit, Jo didn’t start off too tough on me, we built up exercises over time which was great. I highly recommend Jo as a trainer.
I used to spend most of my time dismissing and doubting myself and what I was capable of.
In the back of my mind I knew that fitness was my life and the way it made me feel was no comparison to anything else.
My fitness journey began when I decided to become a fitness instructor….
This is my job today and l love every minute of it!
I felt I needed a personal challenge, a challenge to really step into a world I used to admire.
A fitness competition all about sculpting and shaping my body to a level I have never been at before!This was the day I was in search of a trainer for ME. Someone who could guide me and help me reach this goal I never thought possible.
Jo from Bodyflexion entered my life and with her knowledge and training experience I can confidently say I am on my way to my fitness goal.
My body is already transforming and taking shape… She has been such an inspiration and her confidence and attention to detail is truly amazing. I’m learning things even now after so many years in the industry myself.
Jo has opened my mind and body to the next level.
My transition from average to awesome is happening every time I train with Jo.
She is helping me grow stronger and stronger.
Competition is only months away…stay tuned for the final transformation!
Can’t wait to share this with you all and make my trainer proud!
Thanks Jo for all your constant support!
Jo is by far the most committed and competent trainer I have ever had. Every training session is planned, meaningful and unique and yet Jo’s technical skill and knowledge means that she is highly flexible and can adapt training programs on the spot if need be. Whilst I always seemed to sustain injuries with past trainers I have hired, I have never endured an injury training with Jo. This is because she is 100% focused on me, my technique, my performance and my goals. At no time does she use my training session to do her own workout (again this is something other trainers have always done). There is no question that training with Jo pushes me to perform at a level I simply could not achieve on my own. People who are serious about outcomes and are committed to their goals should definitely train with Jo.

I contacted Jo 6 months after the birth of my second child – a difficult pregnancy that involved being on full bed rest for 8weeks. Although I certainly was not fit beforehand, the bed rest left me with reduced strength…positively weak! This gave me the kick I needed to finally call Jo and do something about my body. I had never truly exercised before but Jo gave the information I needed to know what I was doing, and why. I felt improvement after 3months and now after 9months I am stronger and fitter than I have been for most of my adult life. I credit Jo in getting me to this point, and am extremely grateful for her attentive and understanding training, and for somehow making me laugh at the same time! I have no hesitation in recommending Jo as a Personal Trainer – EXCELLENT!


Jo is one of those people that strive for success, you can see it in her the first time you speak with her. That success transfers over to her helping other people strive for their goals and own success. Jo taught me alot about training and is always there to be asked questions (even after hours). Her coaching and motivational skills are 10/10, and i will always use her for any goal that i wish to succeed in the future.


I first contacted Jo in April of this year for advice about personal training. With 3 young children and not much in the way of exercise, my body was starting to feel the effects, with constant lower back pain and tight sore neck & shoulders. I had also suffered pelvic instability during my last pregnancy.

From my initial dealings with Jo, she was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable about what I would need to do to improve my conditions. I initially started training with Jo twice a week and more recently have reduced this to once a week as I undertake other exercises myself.

My experience training with Jo has been fantastic. I must admit I was a little hesitant to contact a personal trainer. I had seen some in our local park yelling at their clients with the people training looking like they might collapse at any minute. My training with Jo was nothing like this. Jo’s exercise regimen for me was perfect, gradually increasing my strength and stamina with varied workouts and showing me that it was possible to train at home and get really great results. Jo is always really conscious of safety when exercising so whilst she is able to push me to try things I might not have thought I was able to do, completing the exercises safely is always paramount. Jo has a great sense of humor too, which makes the session fun.

I have gained so much more out of training that I imagined. Whilst my initial goals were to reduce my painful symptoms, I have toned up, I feel so much stronger, I sleep better and I think mentally I feel better too. With 3 young children finding time for oneself can be tricky. My exercise time has now become “my” time and when I finish a training session I feel my mind is clearer and I feel energized for the day.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jo and would have no hesitation in recommending her services or using them again in the future.


As a man who thought he knew everything about weight training, i was surprised when i went to get some more training tips from Jo. Her professsionalism and enthusiam are two of her greatest attributes, as was her teaching ability to help me achieve my goals. Jo Has helped me achieve a stronger back, core and overall fitness and recommend her for helping with whatever goals you may have. 10/10 for Jo Bransby.


Jo has been amazing. A serious illness left me bedridden but with Jo’s help and encouragement on both a physical and emotional level I have gained the strength to reclaim my life.


Due to on-going back problems over the past four to five years I have been unable to do any form of exercise. I decided to seek out a professional and that’s when I called Jo. Jo is not just a personal trainer but a fitness professional with knowledge in all areas of rehabilitation. We started my program slowly, focusing on my back issues and how we could overcome these concerns. Jo worked along side my physio therapist to ensure all precautionary measures were taken not to accelerate my back problems. Now six months later, I am fully recovered and doing exercises I never thought possible. We have come such a long way as a team and I cannot thank Jo enough. Her dedication to my health and fitness has truly been inspirational. Thank you so much Jo for your on-going support and for making me fit and healthy again.


Around 8 months ago I decided I needed to make some healthy changes to my lifestyle. This was a huge step forward for me given my life had never involved any form of regular exercise. I took the leap forward and the results have gone above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My first few sessions with Jo were a chore but I now look forward to every session with gusto. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Jo, such a qualified and advanced trainer who has toned my body and increased my fitness to heights I never thought possible. My classes are fun and varied and Jo is just great to work with. I now understand the motto, healthy body, healthy mind! I cannot recommend Jo highly enough. Thank you for turning my life around and making me believe the unimaginable Jo. Do yourself a favor and make the first call, you will be amazed with what Jo can help you achieve.


I have had the pleasure of being Jo’s client for 4 months. I originally came to Jo for extensive work regarding core strength & pain in my shoulders. Jo took a very detailed medical history & general history & requested to speak to my referring Chiro. Jo then started working with me after she had all the details of my current situation. I found this to be the start of the most dedicated & thorough training sessions ahead. Jo always made me work to my capacity but was extremely careful to take full consideration of my physical state of health. Jo always had the ability to adapt the exercise should I not be able to manage something. I have a central benign tremor which at times would cause my legs to shake. I am now feeling the best I have felt in many years. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo for any form of remedial, strength, post operative or just general fitness training. At all times I felt I was constantly being monitored & looked after by a lovely positive trainer.


I’ve been training with Jo for 2 ½ months now and I have noticed a marked improvement in my strength and stamina. Jo started off with a very thorough assessment of my fitness level and my fitness and health goals and has gradually built up the level of exercises over time. She has used a combination of different exercise approaches to help me achieve my goals. Jo has been very encouraging at all times. She really enjoys her role as trainer and is very careful to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly so I don’t get any injuries. I feel like this is a very positive experience for me and will help my health for now and the future.