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I first contacted Jo in April of this year for advice about personal training. With 3 young children and not much in the way of exercise, my body was starting to feel the effects, with constant lower back pain and tight sore neck & shoulders. I had also suffered pelvic instability during my last pregnancy.

From my initial dealings with Jo, she was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable about what I would need to do to improve my conditions.

I initially started training with Jo twice a week and more recently have reduced this to once a week as I undertake other exercises myself.

My experience training with Jo has been fantastic. I must admit I was a little hesitant to contact a personal trainer. I had seen some in our local park yelling at their clients with the people training looking like they might collapse at any minute.

My training with Jo was nothing like this. Jo’s exercise regimen for me was perfect, gradually increasing my strength and stamina with varied workouts and showing me that it was possible to train at home and get really great results.

Jo is always really conscious of safety when exercising so whilst she is able to push me to try things I might not have thought I was able to do, completing the exercises safely is always paramount. Jo has a great sense of humour too, which makes the session fun.

I have gained so much more out of training that I imagined. Whilst my initial goals were to reduce my painful symptoms, I have toned up, I feel so much stronger, I sleep better and I think mentally I feel better too.

With 3 young children finding time for oneself can be tricky.

My exercise time has now become “my” time and when I finish a training session I feel my mind is clearer and I feel energized for the day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jo and would have no hesitation in recommending her services or using them again in the future.

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