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Anne and myself have been training for almost ten years! Recently retired, Anne is now training for the Great Victorian Bike Ride. Anne asked if she could write a testimonial about the advantages of strength training and how it has positively influenced and improved her health and wellbeing.

Here is Annes testimonial.

I wanted to show my appreciation of the role JO plays in my continued good health and especially for the most recent improvement in my good health. I have been having Dexa scans since 2000 when I was diagnosed as a person with coeliac disease and identified as having bone density at the lower end of the scale for my age and stage of life. My most recent scan has shown a 15% improvement in spinal bone density over the last 5 years, which is remarkable and truly pleasing. the strength training we do together has been instrumental in achieving this fabulous result. I would recommend on the basis of this finding, that all women (not just those approaching menapause, nor those with coeliac disease) pay attention to the needs of their body with respect to bone density and undertake weight bearing exercise and strength training. Thank you again for helping me achieve this fine result.

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