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Jo and I have been meeting weekly for over seven years, and I rarely miss a session, driving up from Geelong, because each new week starts for me on a positive note, with Jo on Tuesday mornings.

I become thoroughly energised by the personalised challenges that are given me, and the great enjoyment I receive from Jo’s excellent supervision of my physical (and sometimes mental) wellbeing. My goals are straightforward and I believe I am achieving them.

I simply wish to be as healthy and strong as I can, to live my life to its fullest. To this end, at the age of 64, I continue to work full time, cycle to work several times a week, dance social ballroom twice a week and focus with Jo on maintaining my core strength, balance, upper body strength and anything else that becomes relevant.

Jo inspires me to be my best and I have been told that I am also inspiring many younger women colleagues to do the same.

When I first started receiving personal training, I thought I should change trainers each 12 months to maintain my interest, but after meeting Jo that has become the last thing on my mind.

Every session is an adventure, planned by the most skilled, attentive, intelligent, caring and professional woman I have met.

Jo truly appreciates my abilities, goals and needs.

Thanks Jo.

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