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“Every Body Needs A Jo In Its Life” After years of living with chronic shoulder and back pain caused by innumerable hours spent at a desk hunched over a keyboard, …


Anne (2018)

I have been having Dexa scans since 2000 when I was diagnosed as a person with coeliac disease and identified as having bone density at the lower end of the scale for my age and stage of life.

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Jo has been very encouraging at all times. She really enjoys her role as a trainer and is very careful to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly so I don’t get any injuries.

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My exercise time has now become “my” time and when I finish a training session I feel my mind is clearer and I feel energized for the day.



I came to see Jo after a long period off from exercise. I had had gym memberships in the past and wanted to get back into things but was concerned …

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I have been very happy working with Jo Bransby. Thanks to Jo, I am stronger, more flexible, I am eating healthier and most importantly for me, working out has become …