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I’ve been training with Jo for over 5 years now. I started when I was 45, very obese with no clear understanding of what I was trying to achieve apart from some vague notion that I wanted to get fit.

Jo gently challenged me along the way, not only did she make sure that my training always required just the right amount of effort but she also talked to me about what I was eating and what I was doing. Egging me on in every aspect of my life.

My goal took a while to manifest itself, primarily it was to lose weight and get fit. I admit it was hard work and took a lot of determination to go from 120kg to just 75kg. Jo understood that it was not just exercise that I needed but a whole of body approach.

Her method of training was perfectly tailored to my needs to make sure I was regaining my fitness within my limits, even though those self-imposed limits were being challenged. Her gentle caring nature and her willingness to share and exchange experiences helps to develop a trust between trainer and trainee enabling her to get the most out of a regular fitness regime.

While at times it’s just bloody hard work I can say without hesitation that it’s been worthwhile and a combined effort with a dedicated trainer who knows how to get the most out of you!.

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