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Well like many of you, you’ve read various web pages information and what not about who you should or shouldn’t see to help you with your goals.

For me to be honest, I read a few and thought yeah yeah whatever blah blah blah, even in some cases “what did they write these things themselves or get their mates to do it?”

In the end, I randomly picked Jo because I was so overwhelmed and frustrated with the choices and just thought screw it I’ll call see how the first sessions go.

If I don’t like her or what she does I’ll find someone else.

Well, it’s been 6 months and Jo visits me every week.

She is meeting all my targets that I require that I set out with her.

She also understands there are certain things in life I’m not willing to give up.

She treats me with respect, encourages me, and when required – which for me is often – laughs at me, errrr, I mean with me, yeah yeah with me.

She pushes me and is making me stronger – I’ve gone from being a girl who thought a push up was a bra to actually doing a push-up and MORE than one!

It’s been slow progress but its progress and its good progress.

If you’re looking for someone who will work with you in your goals and not judge you but encourage you when you feel like you’re failing, Jo is the Trainer for you.

Jo doesn’t do the work with you, she watches you and your body to make sure you are working out your body correctly which is fantastic and the way it should be. The session is for you after all not her.

So would I recommend her, – yeah totally 100% – she cares and is helpful, respectful and makes your session about the most important person in the world. So if you’re unsure but you just need to give it a go, – call Jo, talk to her about what you really want from your sessions.

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