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As we are on the eve of yet another lockdown, I wanted to let you know how much our sessions have meant to both my physical and mental health during these trying times, and that I am most grateful that we are able to do our sessions on-line.  

I imagine you may well have some clients who are in two minds as to whether to make the move to zoom? If so, please feel free to share my experience  with them, if you think they’d find it helpful? 

………It’s hard for me to believe but I’ve  now been seeing Jo for nearly 6 years  (time flies when Jo works you hard!); the last 18-months of which have been exclusively on-line.  While I initially imagined I’d do on-line sessions for a week or so (little knowing we’d have multiple lockdowns!), actually I haven’t returned to the studio at all, as I’ve ended up much preferring zoom sessions – they are just as effective (and also logistically easier for me).  The only equipment I’ve needed is my laptop computer or iPad; my lounge room rug and a set of small weights (though Jo assures me water bottles can be just as good!)  and we’ve been able to do a comprehensive and varied range of exercises using my own body weight (at just the right level of challenge to extend me and keep me interested).  Despite only ever seeing me on the screen, Jo is able to see exactly what I’m doing and tell me precisely how I need to make adjustments so that I can feel confident in my technique. And, very importantly, she also does a great job at praising me when I need praise; and kindly but firmly encouraging me to do just a few more repetitions when my abdominals are telling me otherwise! Throughout this time I’ve been extremely happy with how my strength and flexibility have continued to develop; and being able to continue with these sessions – whether we’re in lockdown or not – has played a huge role in maintaining both my physical and mental health.  Many thanks Jo,


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