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Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Welcome back (again) to the PT studio (again!).

What an interesting and different year it has been. Let’s hope that from here on, that our days and memories are positive and happy and healthy.

The PT studio reopens on Monday 9th November in a Covid safe environment. Working together we can stay safe and be back to continued in-studio exercise sessions.

I look forward to welcoming back existing clients. And I’d like to extend an invitation to anyone contemplating post covid workouts and/or making some positive changes, to please give me a call on 0407 826 330.

For any workouts, the Victorian Government have advised:

 “Masks should be worn inside gyms for most activities apart from running on a treadmill.  If you are out of breath or huffing and puffing while exercising then you can take off your mask”.

There is an air purifier and plenty of hand sanitiser in the PT Studio.

For your workouts you will also need to bring a large towel, a floor mat (if doing floor based exercises), a water bottle and gloves (cloth washable gloves can be provided).

So you are aware, I am required to maintain a register of everyone who attends the PT studio [first name, mobile, date and times of attendance].

Last but by no means least. If you’re experiencing any symptoms (sniffles, sore throat, fever), or have had a Covid test and awaiting results, or been in contact with someone who has Covid or has been tested, please stay away and cancel your session or visit.

Stay safe, wear your mask, take care and maintain 1.5m from each other.

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